Posted by: visothsal | June 12, 2009

secc video 3/3

Don’t expect too much, video is just a way to represent the programs of the camp.

ps. the main editer of this final video is my group mate, pei sun.


  1. maybe i was expecting too much for this video hheehhe… i’m not disappointed tho but the last part seems so short and not that well morally. btw, what’s the moral of this???

  2. well, there is no moral for this. because it’s not a short film. these videos are shown to orientation campers; they are linked with the program flow of the camp, such as playing water bomb game in west cost in this video. Nothing much, i just upload it for fun!:)

  3. like the first one best. but this is good. btw, i guess the moral is Have Fun at the Camp hehe… I enjoyed it!

  4. samphors u get it right!:)

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