Posted by: visothsal | April 12, 2009

Happy Khmer New Year!

Why i’m so formal this time? haha.. actually this was made last year for my dad to use at his workplace. i just change some wording here. Anyway, have a great year ahead!:)


credits: i took the picture on the left from somewhere online, but i can’t rmb where, was too long ago.

here is another last year’s stuff: a family video at ngi yi’s chamka. Don’t ask me what is the link between khmer new year and ‘way back into love’, simply this song was my favourite at that time, so ya…



    The video looks fun! ^_^

  2. Happy Khmer New Year!!!

  3. Happy Khmer New Year !!!

    Enjoy enjoy !!!

  4. Reak Reay Bon Chol Chnam Thmey

    May the new goddess realize your dreams. (”,)

  5. Happy Khmer New Year, Soth! The video looks so much fun and that reminds how much I miss my own good time too. Especially, I love the bbq part and with all little brothers, sisters and cousins. You have such a warm family.

    More fun coming for this New Year!

  6. A very late blessing for u!
    Happy new year and wish u getting everything u wish.
    Take care!

  7. Big and happy family NEW YEAR. Wish you happy and prosperity.

  8. No more exam. new post? hehe

  9. Hah ha. Hello. M RINETH’s fren. Rineth has wordpress too.

  10. YAY i can see my self!!i look so funny in that
    video clip especially with my short hair!

  11. hi all of you!

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